Ziinlife attended Design Shanghai 2018, and launched the spring 2018 collection-"Finding Balance of Life", on March 14, 2018. Most impressively, the Improvise Sofa in the collection won the "Design Shanghai Picks" Award. Moreover, ziinlife also debuted its Diving Tea Table - "Minion" Collection, which is an official licensing product of Universal Pictures, at the exhibition. More than an artistic sculpture, it is a practical furniture, adding a sense of fun and vigor to your lovely home.


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"Harmony within chaos, peace within instability. Life is simple yet complex, whereas the magical balance is everywhere."

In March 2018, ziinlife launched the spring 2018 collection - "Finding Balance of Life". The collection consists of six products. These six releases include Improvise Sofa, Improvise Chair, Merge Sofa, Tree Folding Table, Wander Lamp and Infinity Floor Lamp. Ziinlife tries to explore "balance" with design, to innovate through balance. Moving and still, heavy and light, momentary and everlasting. "Balance can be rational and moderate, while balance can also be perceptual and innovative. Wishing everyone find the best world in you."

On a balmy fall day, ziinlife presented the fall 2017 collection - "Life Explorer" at 2017 Beijing Design Week. Beijing's historic Hutong and old streets communicated with us across time and space through contemporary design and language.

In September 2017, ziinlife launched the fall 2017 collection - "Life Explorer" at Furniture China 2017. Incredibly, among the works of the collection, Together Sofa and Chit-chat Coffee Table won the 2017 Gold Idea Furniture Design Award.

The collection of "Life Explorer" explores conventional materials to get new definitions. Ziinlife believes that good design is one that can be shared and expanded. It is creativity, goodwill and courage that push the good design forward. The collection of "Life Explorer" consists of 10 products, namely Lotus Tea Table, Chit-chat Coffee Table, Fade Cabinet, Freestyle Cabinet, Together Sofa, Cha-cha Chair, Day Day Up Ladder Shelf, Rainbow Clothes Stand, Geometric Screen and Leaper Lamper.

"Its original intention is to share all the good and wonderful things we love with heart."

In May 2017, ziinlife unveiled its Shanghai Life Store, and first launched ziin library, ziin cafe and ziin loft. In this 500-square-meter space, ziinlife shares wonderful designs, bringing warm, diverse space and product experience to visitors.

"An agile sofa, a fun chair, and a stretching exercise for your mind." On March 8, 2017, ziinlife attended Design Shanghai 2018 and debuted the spring 2017 collection - "Stretch Your Mind". The collection includes seven works, namely Curious Desk, Flex Bed, Sunrise Stool, Moving Wardrobe, Stretch Sofa Bed, Sleeve Barstool and Sleeve Chair.

In March 2017, ziinlife launched the spring 2017 collection - "Stretch Your Mind". Stretch your mind, as we always try to do. Fearless of making mistakes, we allow ourselves to ask and try from all possible perspectives. Staying curious and thinking outside the box, we create more comfortable and convenient space for a relaxed and fun life.

In January 2017, ziinlife's BeijingFun flagship store opened. Located at Dashilar Design Community, it is ziinlife's first flagship store in the mainland. The buildings of BeijingFun features infinite tolerance, blends traditional and modern aesthetics, witnessing historical changes and contemporary life. With good designs, ziinlife wants to create a heartwarming home for everyone.

On September 9, 2016, ziinlife launched the fall 2016 collection at the Furniture China 2016. The collection is named after "The Playful Angles", and all of its works are inspired by reflection on angles.

A table and a chair, the life of regular routine may be bland. However, when you look at the world from different angles with child-like curiosity, and play with your imagination, you will find the regular routines rich and wonderful. The collection includes eight works, namely Small World Table, Capricious Wall Shelf, 1/2 Coffee Table, Turtleneck Sofa, Cloud Cabinet, Amber Frame and Handy Box.

In October 2016, ziinlife brought the fall 2016 collection - "The Playful Angles" to the 2016 Beijing Design Week.

We are fascinated by the magic of light. ENLIGHT is an new try to utilize the light from surroundings, and let it penetrate naturally even to the neglected corner of the cabinet. We hope as you open its door, it can evoke a sense of happiness.

In March 2016, ziinlife released the spring 2016 collection - "Let There Be Light". The collection includes Enlight Cabinet, Enlight TV Stand and Enlight Corner Cabinet. We placed a special light panel in the cabinet, and it can cleverly collect up the natural light and refract the light. The beautiful lighting effect is ziinlife’s original work. The collection was one of the most stunning items at Design Shanghai 2016.

In September 2015, ziinlife launched fall 2015 collection - "Color in Sense". The idea of the collection is to color our daily life with good designs. Simple color can also spring a lot of surprise and creativity. Our inspiration is rooted in daily life, reshaping delightful things in memory and bringing lovely surprise to every single day. The collection of "Color in Sense" was debuted at Furniture China 2015.

In March 2015, ziinlife came to Design Shanghai 2015 and launched our spring 2015 collection - "Think With Heart". Through the collection of "Think With Heart", ziinlife cleverly uses subtle details and breaks beaten tracks. For example, it brilliantly uses a single curve to solve a functional issue. Ziinlife believes that you can find a easy way to solve a complex question, as long as you can think it with your heart.

The idea of "Spacial Wisdom" presents ziinlife's design philosophy. The collection was brought to the Furniture China 2014. For the functional needs of small and medium-sized apartments, we adopted unique, clever designs and made many innovations in the form and function of the products. Our products solve problems not only cleverly, but also in a creative, warm and even romantic manner. Ziinlife believes that even a small space deserves to be treated well.

In March 2014, ziinlife debuted the spring 2014 collection - "Hold With Heart". The collection was inspired by the wish of a client - "I want a wooden bed with storage function and immune from damp, and above all it must be good-looking". Ziinlife brought this dream bed to reality. Besides its gorgeous appearance, the collection of "Hold With Heart" is equipped with useful storage function, and bring more joyfulness to your home. The space may be small, but fully-equipped.

The story of ziinlife originates from 2010 when Kiran Zhu returned from overseas and started to cooperate with another founder Yang Lixi. Due to the shared dream, the two hit it off and created ziinlife in 2013. They hope to create quality designs that everyone can actually possess and take home.

"We hope every product will be like an old friend that’s kind, heart-to-heart and knows you." Whenever asked about the origin of the brand name ziinlife, they always explained this way. In Chinese, "ziin" and "zhiin"are homophonic, while the latter refers to intimate friends that can read each other’s thoughts and aspirations.

With the whole team’s persistence and hard work, the young brand has quickly grown up and is recognized and loved by the market and the professionals.